Remodeling & Upgrading your R.V.

We are especially proud of the custom remodeling and upgrades we have done in the past. You do not need to suffer with outdated colors, styles or design in general. Full-timers KNOW what would make their unit more attractive, comfortable and ergonomically serviceable and efficient. New furniture, countertops, wall coverings, window treatments, floor coverings and more are all possible with R.V. MEDIC! A second A/C needed? Want a fireplace? A full blown home entertainment system? We can make it happen. Let us make your dreams come true with the RV you already own and SAVE versus buying a new or bigger unit.

If you are seriously considering remodeling your RV, the following Articles are a must read.  The outline of the articles below will help you navigate through the article(s) and jump to topics of interest, but we strongly recommend you read both articles in their entirety.

Ten Good Reasons to Remodel Your RV:

1.Remodeling, a cost effective way to a true upgrade.
2.Remodeling customizes your RV to suit your lifestyle. 
3.Trendy and intelligent remodeling adds value to an RV.
4.Remodeled RVs tend to realize a higher appreciation.
5.A good remodel makes a $45K RV feel like a $75K one.
6.The results of a pro-remodel is enjoyable and rewarding.
7.RV Manufactures are limited on the amenities.
8.Remodeled RVs have significantly more storage space.
9.RV manufacturers have a limited number of models.
10.A huge number of people routinely remodel their RVs.


Ten Things to Remember if Remodeling Your RV:

1) Your plans fit your lifestyle and budget.
2) Address functional shortcomings first.
3) Know where you're going before you start.
4) Make quality a high priority.
5) Use color to create the illusion of space.
6) Design storage for specific items you need.
7) Optimize the space you already have.
8) Use all of the available space.
9) Let's talk about lighting.
10) Let the light in!


Ten Good Reasons to Remodel Your RV:

1.Remodeling is the most cost effective way to get a true upgrade. As opposed to trading in your RV, remodeling enables you to add the features you need and the look you've always wanted at a mere fraction of the cost of a new RV.

2.Remodeling is the process of customizing and making-over an RV to suit your specific lifestyle requirements as well as your personal tastes. There's no other way to accomplish this task. Its your RV... only better!

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3.Trendy and intelligent remodeling adds value to an RV. This added value ultimately results in a higher selling/trade-in price. Remodeled RVs also tend to sell faster because interested buyers don't want to miss out on a modernized and upgraded unit.

4.Remodeled RVs tend to realize a higher appreciation than those that that aren't. Remodeling, when done properly, is a successful blending of creativity, quality materials, and workmanship. While some companies claim to accomplish this feat at the factory, it's hard to compete with an opportunity to have one produced that is exactly what YOU want.

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5.A good remodel can make a $45,000 RV look and feel like a $75,000 one. Shrewd owners use a skillful interior remodeling Company and selective upgrades to create a luxury RV at a fraction of the cost of a new high-end model. Touch up painting rather than a complete paint job on the exterior can also produce astounding results at a fraction of the cost.

6.The results of professional remodeling is extremely enjoyable as well as rewarding. Whether you're changing the style, or adding new features, remodeling projects are often filled with excitement and anticipation of a new living space.

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7.RV Manufactures are limited on the amenities they can build into production line models. Even though high-end RVs cost considerably more than a typical home, many lack even the most basic amenities including dishwashers, garbage disposals, book shelves, desks, and Internet access... not to mention “comforts” such as a fireplace, true home-theatre surround sound, and more.

8.Remodeled RVs have significantly more storage space than new models. RV manufacturers don't have the time to install closet organizers, drawer dividers, rotating shelves, and pull-out cabinet inserts that make life in your RV that much better.

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9.RV manufacturers have a limited number of models available off the production line. Even though there are more than two million full-time RVers, there's no such thing as a special model for full-timers because each RVer has there own ideas about how things should be. The qualities that make a good full-timing RV have to be implemented by its owners to be truly appreciated.

10.A huge number of people routinely remodel their RVs. The five most commonly performed remodeling projects are: a. Replacing or upgrading the floor covering(s). b. Reupholstering/replacing the furniture. c. Re-stylizing/upgrading the window treatments. d. Painting or wallpapering the walls e. Replacing the dinette with a table and set of chairs or a computer hutch or office work-center.

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Ten Things to Remember when Remodeling an RV:

Remodeling an RV can be an exceptionally rewarding process. Not only do you get the features and furnishing you need - you can also obtain the look and the style you've always wanted. That's why the most appealing RVs are invariably the ones that have been professionally improved and decorated according to the desires of their owners. On that note, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning to engage R.V. Medic to complete your remodeling projects.

1) Make sure that your upgrade and remodeling plans fit your lifestyle... AND your budget. R.V. Medic will consult with you and help you tailor your remodeling plans to the way you actually live without wasting money on considerations that will not best serve you. The plush interiors seen in million-dollar RVs may look fantastic, but they aren't exactly designed for "real life". When you're planning your project(s), we can help you select durable materials, easy-to-maintain colors, flexible furnishings, time-tested layouts, and user-friendly accessories.

2) Address functional shortcomings first. The experience you've gained after living in your RV for awhile has revealed exactly what you need to address the functional and practical requirements first. For example, if you don't have enough counter space in your kitchen - fix that shortcoming first before you install a new faucet or upgrade the flooring.

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3) Know where you're going. Before you start any remodeling project, create a "master plan" for your RV that's based on your idea of the perfect RV. The concept can come from anything such as a picture from a book, an ad from a magazine, an image in your head, or a sketch on a napkin. It doesn't matter - as long as you have something. If you try to remodel your RV without a visual target, your efforts will almost always never end.

4) Make quality a high priority. Many RVs have more than their share of design flaws (compromises because of space or cost) and associated problems. R.V. Medic can offset this shortcoming by doing quality work and using high-quality parts and materials.

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5) Use color to create the illusion of space. Neutral colors will make an interior seem more spacious while darker colors have the opposite effect. This is particularly true for walls, window dressings, and large pieces of furniture (like sofas). To keep things interesting, take advantage of vividly colored lamp shades, table cloths, throw pillows, area rugs, artwork, and accessories. The result will be a roomy looking RV with lots of color and plenty of style. We at R.V. Medic also know other techniques that make an RV interior look bigger, for example- if you like a particular floor tile, but it only comes in 12” x 12” pieces... we have cut the tile into fourths before applying, thus creating the look of a much bigger space!

6) Design storage solutions for specific items. R.V. Medic will help you avoid another common RV remodeling mistake -i.e.- to build nonspecific storage provisions without actually knowing what you're going to use it for. Invariably, the new space ends up becoming a magnet for miscellaneous belongings and orphaned objects (i.e.- a big junk drawer). Before we begin, decide exactly what you need the space for. Then R.V. Medic will create a customized storage solution that works for you.

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7) R.V. Medic will help you optimize the space you already have. RV storage provisions usually consist of cupboards, cabinets, drawers, and closets. However, these traditional storage solutions are inherently inefficient because they lack organizational components. Before you start building more storage capacity in your RV - find ways to optimize the spaces you already have. Use shelves, dividers, bins, hooks, racks, containers and anything else you can think of to help organize the stuff you already have. You'll be amazed at how much storage capacity you have when everything is organized and efficiently arranged.

8) Use all of the available space. In an RV, wall and floor space is always at a premium. Consequently, when purchasing or designing furniture, try to use pieces that fill up all of the available space. For instance, it's better to install a sofa that spans the entire length of a wall than to put in a loveseat that leaves a small, unusable section of wasted space at one end. Similarly, take advantage of space that is overlooked. For example, the area above your RV's doors and windows is often a good place to install a bookshelf or a cabinet. We can also help you locate and utilize built in wasted spaces too.

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9) Let's talk about lighting. R.V. Medic knows that effective lighting can make an RV feel comfortable, modern, and inviting. We can help you look for light fixtures that eliminate glare, add some color, and illuminate specific areas. Examples include track lighting, recessed under-counter lights, wall-mounted sconces with colorful shades, and table lamps.

10) Let the light in! R.V. Medic can install Solar light tubes and skylights of all sizes, and even a new window where there was not one before. In addition, there are a number of new window treatments that allow you to see out of your RV while maintaining a high degree of privacy under a wide range of light conditions. And finally, we can redesign cornices and valences that increase the visible/viewable size of the windows you already have... all of this adds up to dramatic changes in store for you!

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