What We Do:

**NEW** Mechanical services now available!  ** NEW**

We provide on-site service for all makes of Fifth-wheels, Trailers, Toy-haulers, Tent Trailers, as well as Motorhomes. We can service the house systems as well as mechanical systems such as service/maintenance and repair for your engine, chassis, dash-air units, brakes, belt, hoses and filters for your generators as well.  We can aslo install accesories on these units as well.

**NEW** Cleaning services**NEW**:

Affordable cleaning services available to get your RV ready for the season!  If you are living in your RV we offer afforable rates and can do weekly/bi-weekly/or monthly. Rates begin at only $15.00 per hour for basic and maintenance cleaning when subscribed for regular service.  Initial intensive cleaning, and specialty cleaning incurr more charges.  Call LEE for more information: 928-592-7957, M-F 9:00 - 3:00pm, or email yourrvmedics@gmail.com.

Consultation service(s):
We understand that many fulltimers are independant "do-it-yourselfers". For these brave souls, we offer over-the-phone consultations for some repairs at a reduced rate, and can guide you step-by step through advanced or technical repairs. (Must be able to pay consultation fee with a credit card, or preferably- online prior to the consult.)

We also can perform a comprehensive onsite inspection of a unit you may be considering for purchase. We know where to look to find invisible dry-rot, water leaks, structural damage and potential costly repairs etc. Generally our clients who are wise enough to utilize this service can take our report to the seller and negotiate a lower price with the savings more than covering the cost of our service.

We Service and Repair RV’s, Mobile Homes and Park Models On Site.

***CERTIFIED*** HVAC Systems repairs and replacement:
Sales and service for Air Conditioning (Roof Top) & Heating (Furnaces) with an extra fee charged for work on all basement models.

Everything necessary to ensure your rig is completely winterized. 

Roof Repair:
Sealing, Resurfacing and Caulking, Rubber roofs and their reconditioning is one of our our specialties..

Water & Storm Damage repairs and replacement:
Interior & Exterior. 

All types of Accessories Repair and Installation:
Awnings, Satellite Systems, Jacks, Levelers, slide-outs, generators, motors, transmissions etc…

Water Systems:
Fresh Water Systems & Components (Water Lines, Water Pumps, Water Heaters & Water Filtering), tanks, faucets and fixtures. 

Waste Water Systems (Black & Gray):
Tanks, Toilet repairs and replacement, knife valves not a problem. (We ask only that on the day services are to be performed, that you have cleaned the toilet or part(s) to be repaired as if you yourself were going to kneel down and give it a bear hug... because thats exactly what our tech will have to do to R&R the unit. :-))

Electrical Systems:
(120V AC/12V DC Circuits, Power Converters/Inverters, Batteries) any and all types of service and repair. We can also wire your unit for a second A/C unit... that is often necessary here in the desert southwest.

24-Hour Emergency Services available seven days a week. Emergency rates apply. We define emergency service as any service that has to be done for safeguarding a customer's health and safety, and any repairs or service performed after our normal business hours.

After hours and weekends Labor and Service Rates are doubled. 

Holidays- rates are tripled.